Adoption Bundle

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Just adopted a new dog or cat? We’ve got you covered with our new “adoption bundle”.

Bring in your adoption papers from the past 60 days and better yet accompany the paper work with your newly adopted furry friend so they can make our day and we can make your day by sending you home with lots of healthy choices for your dog or cat.

You will have many items to choose from to make your bundle. Some of the quality brands you can choose from to make up your bundle include Nulo, Firstmate, Nutrisource, Pure Vita, Orijen, Acana, Primal and Ultra Oil. There are cans, treats and kibble in the bundle. This is an awesome way to get you started on the right foot/paw. Giving your dog or cat healthy choices, when it comes to feeding ,is the best way to insure you are providing your pet a healthy future. So don’t wait to get started. Visit us at either our Millcreek or Draper location.

So excited you took the plunge and adopted a dog or cat in need of a forever loving home.

You are allowed one bundle per year per cat and dog.

Questions? We can help. Our associates love to give solutions and when they don’t have the answer they will do their best to get you the answer. Reach out to us Millcreek 801-468-0700 or Draper 801-501-0818.