Dog Still Crazy On Walks?

You've tried EVERYTHING to keep your dog from pulling you on walks! Its just not fun anymore getting dragged around the block. Well Heather Beck, owner of K9 lifeline in Draper Utah may have the answer! She invented, designed, patented and manufactures at her Utah training center a leash call the K9 Lifeline Transitional Leash. This dual purpose head collar and slip lead can help turn a pulling dog into a calm companion with just a little bit of patience and conditioning. Being passionate about rescue and believing dog's can be good and be taught to be a good dogs through simple leash work, she is trying to save dogs "one leash at a time", through her #oneleashonelife Program that donates Transitional Leashes to rescues and shelters all over the world.

Heather has worked in the industry since 1995 from being an animal control officer to running a large breed/pit bull rescue. She is heavily involved with working with volunteer veterinarians on San Pedro Island, in Belize, to help them with their spay and neuter program. Heather's real passion is saving the dog's that aren't understood, that have been neglected and have aggression issues. She prides herself in being able to turn many of these dogs around and keeping them in homes through her training programs and working with owners that are in over their heads with their dog. She owns and runs a boarding/day care and training facility in Draper, K9 lifeline. Heather is also passionate about supporting non profits and has raised over $75000.00 for the organizations she supports. She lives in Utah with her husband, daughter and shares her property her 3 well behaved canines, 4 camels, a Texas Longhorn (she trained for riding) and goats.

Now let's get back to why we are doing this blog. While in the stay home, stay safe mode it's a good time to work with your dog. Earlier blogs have given you helpful training tips and ideas to work with your dog and have fun while together. If your skills as a trainer still are lacking and your dog is still as crazy on walks as ever, maybe the K9 Lifeline Transitional Leash and this intro video explaining how to working with the transitional leash will help.

We carry Heather's leashes at both our locations. They come in two sizes and many amazing colors.